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3D Secure credit card payment online security payment gateway that has been created to help guard your Credit Card against unauthorised use online. 3D Secure works by using a password that you create as your unique online identifier.

How it work, payment guide:
1. Proceed to checkout page and fill in your details and choose "CREDIT/DEBIT CARD" for payment method.

2. Click Place Order Now once you done, you will be redirect to Reddotpayment secure payment page. Fill in your credit card info.

3. You will be redirrect to your credit card issuer 3D secure payment page and your credit issuer will send you OTP(One-Time-Password) code to your phone.

4. Fill in your code and click OK, you page will redirect back to our website order sucess page if your payment success.



Why it show my order canceled or reject?
- You are not using 3D secure credit card.
- You card issuer reject your payment.- You have fill in Incorrect card details
- Unacceptable card (Amex, discovery, etc)

What should i do if my order canceled or reject?
- Please note that no payment will charge to your card if your order was canceled or reject.
- Contact your card issuer for support.
- Clear cache and cookies for your internet browser if you wish to re-order.